Age: 6 – 10 yrs
HTR level: 51 – 100
Court size: 6m x 10.97m
Ball: Red balls
Racquet size: 23 – 25 inch

Tennis Kids - Red Foxes
6 to 10 Years Old Kids Tennis Sydney

Our Red Foxes program is for those more experienced Red ball players.

Foxes are now well versed at the Red ball game and are used to match play. They are learning the game and beginning to apply some strategy. They are on their way to the Orange ball level.

Red Foxes can or are working towards:

  • Direct the ball in the Red ball court and are able to keep the ball in play.
  • Donkey drop serve into 6m court at least 80%. Working towards overarm serve.
  • Played a Red ball comp before, able to keep the ball in play on the run and more confident at returning shots with more pace.
  • Able to hit a FH and BH into play with at least 80% success.
  • Is able to move to the net mid point to volley.