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Talent Identification Program (TIP Squads)

In 2022 we will launch our new Talent Identification Program (TIP).

We want to provide every opportunity for those kids to accelerate their progress and better develop their game.

Our players will gain access to fantastic local competitions

The TIP squads give players the necessary skills to get them ready for competitive play and provide a pathway for them to improve through goal setting and challenges.

The TIP squads are designed for those players who desire to take their game to the next level through a more intensive training program.

Players in the TIP program will be invited to take part in local tournaments which provide level based play and give players an insight into what is required to progress in the player pathway.

Group Coaching Classes

These classes cater for all ability levels starting from our Red level up to the Yellow ball level.

The whole idea of the Group program is for the kids to enjoy playing the game of tennis in a supportive environment.

Players are taught the appropriate skills, stroke technique and will enjoy learning a range of drills and games. Players will also represent a team and compete in a mini olympics challenge during the term.

Players will also get to improve their grading with match play played during the term.

Birthday Party

A super fun time for the birthday girl/boy and their friends. On and off court games, prizes, trophies, team games, water fight.

  • Large under cover area available for catering.
  • Usually 1 coach to 10 kids.
  • Available Weekends


60 min
90 min
120 min

1 Coach




2 Coaches