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Tennis Lessons North Shore Sydney

We have a wide variety of coaching programs that cater for all standards. We can organise for you to borrow a racquet or our team can advise on the best racquet for you to purchase. All fees include GST.

Lessons are available in various forms:

Group Sessions

Students are grouped into classes where the standard is similar for all class members and are generally small with approximately 4 players.

These are the most popular classes as they are based on the Tennis Hot Shots program which has been especially designed for kids and are available at all of our venues. A description of each stage is illustrated below. Choose a class that best suits you before booking online.


Squads cater for people who are a little more serious about their tennis. Usually 4 player per court.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are for those who require one on one coaching to improve all aspects of their game. It is possible to share a private lesson with other people if this is agreed to by all parties. Fees are quoted before commencement of lessons and depend on the number of players and class duration.

Junior Competitions

These classes are designed specifically to allow beginners to put their lessons into practice by playing real games with real scoring against students of similar ability and age.

Matches are played in singles format and coaches are on hand to organise the games and to assist with teaching the rules and scoring.

The renowned Tennis Hot Shots program is followed with suitably sized courts and balls for young learners.

Classes are offered in the following categories:
Sydney Junior Tennis Competition

Competitions are held at St Ives Primary School courts on Friday after school, and Sundays.

Book Online for specific class times.

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