Age: 8 – 10 yrs
HTR level: 101 – 150
Court size: 6.5m x 18m
Ball: Orange balls
Racquet size: 23 – 25 inch

Tennis Kids - Orange Kangaroos

Our Orange Kangaroos program is for those orange ball players who have progressed their HTR score into triple figures.

They are learning the game on a ¾ court and beginning to apply some strategy and consistency.

Orange Kangaroos can or are working towards:

  1. Can hit Topspin Forehands.
  2. Overarm 1st serve. 2nd serve Donkey drop.
  3. 80% backhand success.
  4. Can rally x 10.
  5. Can hit a FH and BH on the run from the back of the Orange court.