Upcoming HTR Tournaments

Term 4 HTR’s

Entries close 2 days prior to each event unless booked out earlier


Pymble Ladies College (Rescheduled to 5th Dec)

Date: Sat 5th December (Rescheduled from 28th December)

Address: Avon Rd Gate 3 Carpark

Orange: 8.00am
Red : 8.30am
Green and Yellow: 11.00am


Date: Sun 13th December
Address: Talus St (Naremburn)

Red and Orange Div 2 (101-150): 8.30am
Orange Div 1 (151-200) and Green Div 2 (201-250): 11.00am
Green Div 1 (251-300) and Yellow (301-400): 2.00pm

What is HTR?

HTR is a player rating number between 1 and 300 which indicates a players ranking and shows where they sit in the Hotshots player pathway. Players can take on the challenge to improve their HTR and open up further opportunities.

All players will get an HTR after playing this event! Players who already have an HTR will have theirs adjusted based on how they place in the tournament. The HTRtennis website will be live in 2020 which players can view their own scores as well as their friends HTR scores.

Red Div 2: 1 – 50
Red Div 1: 51 – 100

Orange Div 2: 101 – 150
Orange Div 1: 151 – 200

Green Div 2: 201 – 250
Green Div 1: 251 – 300

What division do I play in?

Div / Age Range / Court Size / Ability

Red Ball Div 2 (UTR 1-50) 5-8yrs 3m x 8.23m
Can hit FH and BH into play. Can use a pop up if required.

Red Ball Div 1 (HTR 51 – 100) 6-9yrs 6m x 10.97m
Can place the ball, hit on the run and serve overarm.

Orange Ball Div 2 (HTR 101-150) 7-11yrs 6.5m x 18m
Can serve overarm, can rally from the orange baseline.

Orange Ball Div 1 HTR (151 – 200) 8-12yrs 10m x 18m
Can hit with more spin, speed and control than Orange Div 2 players. Understands strategy

Green Ball Div 2 (HTR 201-250) 9-13yrs full court
Can serve overarm, can rally basically from the green baseline and cover the full court.

Green Ball Div 1 (HTR 251-300) 9-14yrs full court
Can hit with more spin, speed and control than Green Div 2 players. Understands strategy

Yellow Ball (UTR 2-4) 12-17yrs full court Beyond Hotshots